24/7 online access to your personal doctor... from anywhere in the world

The MyGP&Me service provides access to the normal face-to-face GP service you expect from your Private GP consultation - Online

MyGP&Me is an innovative member only service that provides you with unlimited worldwide access through a secure and encrypted web service to your UK Private GP from 7am to 7pm (UK time), 7 days a week.

The MyGP&Me secure web service allows for confidential one-to-one communication and for information to pass and be stored by the GP relating your illness, health problem or concern.

Your private General Practitioner will discuss with you your medical symptoms on line, diagnose your medical condition, provide advice and guidance, prescribe treatment or arrange tests or refer you directly to a specialist as required.

Any medication you may be prescribed can be delivered to your preferred place at a convenient time by arrangement, saving you time and expense.

Private prescriptions can be a cost effective alternative to NHS Prescription charges. This could be a convenient way for you to manage your repeat prescriptions.

Why don’t you use Skype or telephone?

Because you need to book an appointment for a Skype or telephone consultation that are nominally a minimum of 20minutes this would not be cost effective for you, nor would it be as available.

In addition, the level of confidentiality between you and your GP cannot be assured from eaves droppers close to you while you’re making a telephone or Skype call.

Why not just use email?

Simply put, it’s just not a secure enough communication medium for patient confidential information and we can ensure your information privacy. To ensure no information can be intercepted, a secure encrypted portal and server based in the UK is essential.

How accessible is the GP?

We could site several examples of case studies that demonstrate just how simple and available it is to access the GP service. [click here]

What is the cost to me?

The cost of any treatments or diagnostic tests recommended by the doctor will be additional to the consultation. The cost will depend on the treatment or test recommended, but you are under no obligation to buy these treatments or tests and the prices will be clearly explained to you at the time of purchase from either the laboratory, pharmacy or specialist consultant to you, allowing you to decide to proceed or not.

Any medicines prescribed will be specifically for you to treat the condition you described to the doctor. If the doctor is not confident that the treatment is appropriate and would help you, it will not be recommended and it is possible the doctor will only offer advice, or may recommend additional tests.

Can the GP provide Acute and Repeat prescriptions?

We believe it is important that you complete a medical consultation and receive a diagnosis before you are offered treatment options. Certain medicines are only available on prescription for very good reasons and a doctor needs to assess whether you should take the medicine first.

If the doctor considers it safe and appropriate to do so, they will either provide you with an electronic private prescription, or contact partner pharmacies to provide the medication you require.

The pharmacy will contact you to take payment and make arrangements for the discrete delivery to you at your chosen destination.

For those outside of the UK, some medications are on the import restricted list of some countries. If this affects you, please ensure your destination or location is noted during your GP consultation so that the best medication can be arranged.

You are under no obligation to purchase any medication – it’s your health and it’s your decision. But please don't risk your health with illegal or fake medications offered by some online pharmacies, herbal medications or alternatives offered by a non-UK registered chemist.

The best way to protect yourself from counterfeit medicines is to only get your medicines from a reliable, regulated source.

Can the GP order tests?

If the doctor considers it appropriate, they will instruct our partner laboratory to contact you to make arrangements for the discrete delivery at your chosen destination, and to take payment if necessary.

You are under no obligation to purchase any of the tests ordered by the GP – it’s your health and your decision.

What are the restrictions?

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