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Contact us from home, work or from wherever you are in the world. We can even arrange for prescriptions to be delivered to your home, hotel or workplace

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We recognise that you have busy lives and we want to help you to manage your own healthcare and receive the medication in a way that suits your lifestyle.

It is our vision to offer a more comprehensive service than you would receive from any other health provider, either within the NHS or privately and with the convenience and confidentiality of secure encrypted online access without the need for an appointment. Our e-Consultations provide expert, secure, convenient and cost effective advice on the go.

MyGP&Me is a UK based Online Doctor service founded to provide patients with an alternative approach to primary, family and general healthcare.

We offer patients a safe, affordable and efficient online health service. MyGP&Me is pioneering the use of secure online consultations to help you look after your health without having to visit a doctor for a face-to-face consultation.

Dr Joanna Hodgkinson is the Medical Director and an NHS GP Partner caring for thousands of NHS patients and providing care within a local surgery. Additionally, she is the GP at The Trinity Private Practice.

Our Pharmacist partners dispense thousands of NHS and Private Prescription patients each week. It is this level of experience and expertise that we bring to online medicine.

Why is this service not open to the general public?

We are sorry, but the MyGP&Me service is only offered to registered patients of The Trinity Private Practice and to those who are employed with companies registered with The Trinity Private Practice, whom we have contracts to provide this service. This way we are able to offer the best service (through capacity planning) to meet our obligations as professional, GMC (General Medical Council) registered, UK GP’s.

As part of this you will need to have a medical once a year to ensure we are able to properly assist you to manage your health effectively.

How to use the service

First you must register by choosing your membership plan...

You can then simply log on through your secure web portal and ask your Private Doctor to respond to your medical concerns.

Your private doctor will diagnose the medical condition and prescribe treatment or offer advice as required.

The Doctor will respond within 2 hours but normally within in minutes.

The MyGP&Me service offers unlimited access to web based consultations. Your doctor will discuss your medical symptoms with you online and diagnose, offer advice, arrange tests, prescribe or refer on to a specialist consultant according to your needs.

Throughout your e-Consultation, you’ll receive all the one-to-one advice and support you need.

Other Membership benefits

  • Rapid access to a wide range of top specialists and therapists
  • Referral to all the leading private hospitals
  • e-Consultations for students while abroad or for family members away on business
  • General Medical Enquiries

Do I need a joining medical?

You can join the service straight away if you are on the Annual Membership Scheme at The Trinity Private Practice. You will have to complete a questionnaire about your health as part of the sign up process and have an annual health check.

This service is only available to patients with an Annual Membership, or an employee of a company registered with The Trinity Private Practice.

Will I deal with the same doctor throughout my eConsultation?

Yes, you’ll receive help and support from the same doctor throughout.

What if I need to be seen instead?

The GP would advise you should a face-to-face or telephone consultation be necessary. We could either arrange for a clinician visit or you would be welcome to come and see your GP in the practice, although you are not obliged to. We can arrange an extensive range of investigations from our surgery that can be arranged at a private hospital of your choice.

Can I access MyGP&Me from anywhere in the world?

Yes, because of our unique secure web portal service you can access medical advice and request prescriptions, wherever you are in the world including some countries that normally restrict access.

What if I need a doctor in an emergency?

MyGPandMe is not an emergency service. In an emergency situation, you would need to go to Accident and Emergency or call an emergency service, such as 999 in the UK, or an alternative emergency service depending on your country of residence or stay.

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MyGP&Me is a service provided by The Trinity Private Practice. For more information click here

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  • First Class Medical Care
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  • Accessible World Wide
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  • 24 hr Prescriptions delivered locally and World Wide