24/7 online access to your personal doctor... from anywhere in the world


Our ‘eConsultation’ provides secure one-to-one expert medical advice, treatment, referral and other services that is convenient and cost effective. Accessible ‘on-the-go’ (using your smart phone or tablet), while at work or home (using your PC or tablet) or when you’re on holiday. We can arrange for prescriptions to be delivered to your home or hotel worldwide.

What sort of problems can you deal with through MyGPandMe?

We have many years of General Practice experience and can deal with all the usual General Practice complaints. For example, we can provide symptomatic advice, arrange investigations, prescribe medication, refer to specialists and arrange investigations as necessary - all online, without seeing or telephoning your Private General Practitioner.

First you must register

As a client of The Trinity Private Practice, your medical history, allergies, medication and any other relevant information will already be known to us. By knowing who you are we can safely provide immediate medical advice and appropriate resolution.

Your personal and confidential web portal showing your history of eConsultations can only be accessed by you and your doctor.

How to use the service

Simply log on through your secure web portal and ask your Doctor to respond to your medical concern.

By providing as much relevant detail as possible will save time and the length of the eConsultation communication.

The private doctor may request for tests to be conducted at your convenience, and will diagnose the medical condition and prescribe treatment as required, and arrange medication to be delivered or collected.

Your GP will be available via MyGPandMe from 7am until 7pm (GMT), 7 days a week. We will respond within 1-2 hours during these hours. Any requests received at night will take priority next morning.


We can arrange for your prescription to be delivered by the next working day (sometimes on the same day) to the place of your choosing within the UK saving you time, and expense. Prescriptions delivered worldwide incur an additional cost of postage and may be subject to restrictions and taxation.

Private scripts are generally no more than NHS ones, and in a number of cases are a more cost effective alternative to NHS prescriptions - this could be a very convenient way for you to get your repeat prescriptions.


What hours are you available and how quickly will you respond?
The service is available 7am-7pm (GMT), 7 days a week. We will aim to reply within 2 hours but will often be able to do so straight away. Any requests received at night will take priority next morning.

Will I deal with the same doctor throughout my e-Consultation?
Yes, you’ll receive help and support from the same private doctor throughout, circumstances permitting.

What if I need to be seen instead, or need an investigation?
If this is the case, the GP will advise you accordingly. You would be welcome to come and see us although you are not obliged to. You can see whoever you would like to. We can arrange a full range of investigations from our surgery. Investigations such as X-rays and scans can be arranged at a private hospital of your choice.

How will I access a prescription if I need it?
We can arrange for your medication to be delivered to you. Or you are welcome to collect from an affiliated chemist, or collect from The Trinity Private Practice.

What if I need a doctor in an emergency?

MyWebGP is not an emergency service. In an emergency situation, you would need to go to Accident and Emergency (A&E) or call for an ambulance (dial 999 and ask for ‘ambulance’).

Can I access MyGP&Me from anywhere in the world?
Yes, because you're accessing MyGP&Me through a secure web portal, you will always have access, wherever you are in the world.

How secure is my data?
Your data is stored at a high security and approved data centre based in the United Kingdom. Hardware is monitored 24/7 in a controlled environment with a battery standby for use in the event of power failure. The MyGP&Me portal creates a secure connection that transports data entered by authorised users using the World Wide Web.

The system operates in the same environment commonly used by Banks and UK Government departments to handle their information transfers. All data transmitted through MyGP&Me is encrypted using the highest form of internet data encryption. Algorithms scramble data so that unauthorised users cannot view it, keeping your personal data safe from data pirates or hackers.


Scenario 1 - A busy working woman with cystitis symptoms
Jane wakes with cystitis symptoms. She logs on to MyGPandMe.
Your MyGPandMe clinician replies with symptomatic advice and instructions on what to do.

Within 2hours after feeling unwell, Jane starts her antibiotics and is on the road to recovery.
Receiving treatment early and efficiently meant she didn’t have to take time off work and miss a key meeting.

Scenario 2 - Gap year student
Emily’s mum has an annual family membership
Emily normally attends The Trinity Private Practice and has discussed her itinerary and medical history in detail with her GP so that relevant advice regarding travel vaccinations can be given and prescriptions for any medications needed can be issued should the need arise.
Emily contacts her clinician through MyGPandMe, for medical advice rather than contact a local doctor who not only charges for their service but does not know about Emily’s existing condition, medical history, allergy to some medications and does not speak English well enough for Emily to be confident of the diagnosis.
Emily’s receives same day advice, and receives the prescribed medication the next morning.

Scenario 3 - A middle-aged man returning from an activity holiday at the weekend with a painful ankle
Saturday, Robert contacts MyGPandMe with symptoms of a painful ankle. Your GP takes full history and gives symptomatic advice.
8am Tuesday, Robert’s symptoms haven’t improved much so he gets back in touch using MyGPandMe.
Later that day MyGPandMe arranges an MRI investigation at convenient private hospital.
Wednesday, your GP will normally be able to arrange an appointment for Robert to see a leading orthopaedic surgeon and advises Robert of this via MyGPandMe.

Scenario 4 - Company executive travels extensively on business
John arrives in New York and discovers he has left all his medication at home.
He contacts his GP through MyGPandMe and his GP arranges for a complete repeat medication to be delivered as a replacement to his hotel.

Scenario 5 - Joanna develops a high fever and severe muscle pains while on holiday in the Caribbean
Joanna contacts her private GP through the MyGPandMe web portal and reports her symptoms. We diagnose a high probability that Joanna has either Dengue fever or Chikungunya. We contact specialists in the UK and are able to advise her which medical centre on her island has a good reputation for investigating and managing these conditions.


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